Cardiff in Black-and-White

My feet are wrecked. My left arch sends up a sharp cry of protest every step I take. After three days of never-ending shopping for basic necessities, my legs have had enough of walking up and down North Road.

I had initially planned to spend the entire day walking around Cardiff with my 5D. My left foot put paid to that idea. But as I walked down Queen Street, crowded with people enjoying the glorious sunny day, there was so much to see that I did end up wandering around a bit. The photos tell the story.


Across the road from Cardiff Castle was a protest, with banners and flags flying and people gathered around a rather irate-sounding guy yelling into a megaphone. From what I could gather from the conversations around me, it was against the anti-Islamist film made in the USA. It wasn’t a big protest, a tight-knit group at the end of Queen Street with police officers looking on. They didn’t seem like a violent bunch, but some of the placards said things like “FREEDOM GO TO HELL” or “FRANCE BURN IN HELL”.



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