The dilemma of the blogging freelancer

The blog has slowed down a lot these days. As I move further and further into the world of freelancing I find days and weeks go by where I only write for work. Any idea regarding politics or current affairs is thought over, packaged and pitched to various publications. There’s little time to write for pleasure; by the time I settle down at the end of the day with deadlines cleared my brain can barely conjure up anything worth writing about.

What does this mean for my blog? The posts (or rants) I used to write here are now directed towards work; I can’t afford to write for free if I can get paid for a similar piece. Yet I’m reluctant to let this blog go; it’s come to mean quite a lot over time, a place where I practiced writing, shaped my thoughts and through which I got to know and hear from lovely people. So it’s time to start finding other things to write about, things that I can enjoy writing about outside of work (not that I don’t enjoy my work!)

But what do people want to hear about from me? What would people like me to write about, apart from the features and commentaries that I already write in other publications?

I do have a few little ideas roughly sketched out in my head, but it would still be good to hear from others on what they would be interested in reading on #spuddings. If you have any thoughts, leave a comment below!

Introducing: Don’t Be A Douche

It’s tough being a journalist sometimes (or at least trying to be one). You get to be your own boss if you work freelance, sure, but you also never know where your next paycheque is coming from, and it’s all very worrying and insecure. You find yourself checking your bank statement in the hopes that the credit column will outstrip the debit column, but sometimes – too often – it doesn’t.

Which is why I’ve decided that perhaps it’s time to just give up. Quit trying to survive as a journalist. The whole struggling writer thing is getting old. But what can I do? What unfulfilled need is there in the world that I can help with?

While trying to find an answer I began to notice something. There are a whole lot of arrogant, annoying people out there. You see many of them on public transport and at the table next to you at restaurants, but there are also plenty of very famous ones who have to go into the media and make total arses out of themselves. I mean, just look:

Here’s Quentin Tarantino crediting himself with giving black people a hero and claiming that the Native American Holocaust has been “dealt with”.

What a douche.

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