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  1. natale

    All Foreign works should stop work for one day ….no one hour… just 1 min 
    thank god i  come accross your blog. For once I thought I “almost” give up ….no I always hv hope and I hope you too.
    Because some singaporean are such complain kings and queens always me first mentality.
    I think it all started because our parents tells kid dont be a ‘road sweeper’ ( which also include garbage collector, driver, plumber. construction worker etc.)
    but a banker or something more glamorous and not something you are passionate about ….it an Asian thinking.
    you dont hear westerners telling their kids this so the stigma is not that bad
    I read in ST that construction workers in Japan get abt $5000 almost as much as a doctor..(the lower end)
    So before we complain abt foreign workers lets ask ourselves whether we are willing take over. there is always trade off
    Come to think of it its because there are so many foreign workers that our cost of living is not high 
    we import almost everything even the very basics things like toothbrush and toothpaste
    You must hv been so exhuasted having to reply , explain and getting them to see the big pic. just want to give some encouragement ….fighting…gambette..jia you

    1. kixes

       @natale Thank you so much! :) I don’t really get exhausted replying, especially since it isn’t just me. I’m glad that there haven’t been any outright rude/obscene/vulgar comments on my blog yet. Even trolls are kind of civil(ish)? Haha!

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