Guide for World Travel

It doesn’t matter what kind of trip you’re planning, whether it’s a world tour or a two-week trip to a luxury hotel or a hike or an island trip or even a family trip. These destination guides will give you all the information you may need for your trip so that you can travel better, longer and cheaper. What are the must-see sites? The travels that mark forever? The destinations that leave the most beautiful memories? Challenging questions, so many answers can be subjective. This is a veritable guide for the traveler, which synthesizes the knowledge and expertise of many travel experts into a comprehensive guide covering all the countries of the world.

More than 200 destinations, from A like Afghanistan to Z like Zimbabwe, from the Great Classics (Australia, Brazil, Italy, Thailand) to destinations outside tourist radars (Chad, Tuvalu, Georgia, etc.). A colorful book illustrated by many albums full of photos and maps for each country. Preparing your trip well is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises on arrival. Many travel guides propose to accompany you in the discovery by selecting the best accommodations, restaurants, and must-see addresses not to be missed during your trip. You have found the best guide for your next trip.

Tips and advice for Transport

There are countries where it is easier and cheaper to fly from one city to another. In others, it is best to take buses or even hitchhike. Some states are made to travel by train and others where the best option is to rent a car among several and go the routes with complete freedom of schedule.

If you are looking for an airline ticket or airline coordinates, or you prefer low-cost airlines, you should definitely follow this travel guide. There are several websites where you can compare ticket prices and look for the cheapest ones, and they also allow you to see which airlines fly between two cities, comparing the prices for most airlines.

Tips and advice for accommodation

If you need a hotel for your next trip, there are many websites where you can find hostels around the world, with reviews and recommendations from those who have already stayed there. Another option, for those who do not want to stay in hotels or guesthouses, is to rent the apartments and stay in the House of a local person.

Culturally focused tips

This guide offers you for each country, region or city, very detailed information on the history, culture, and current events of each destination. It is also richly illustrated with photographs and accurate maps and plans. It offers as well; double pages walk very provided to guide the best the traveler in his discoveries.

This guide aims to make the regions visited by travelers as widely known as possible: it offers a great deal of information on customs, ethical practices, history, religion, art and politics in each destination. The emphasis is also on the best way to travel for cheap. Its particularity is to highlight the discovery of the natural and cultural heritage of the regions.

Climate Tips

It is beneficial to find out in advance what climate it will do in the cities we will visit, although if we are traveling for an indefinite time, it is most likely that we will go from one side to the other a little blindly. Pages such as they serve to know the forecast in real time, and others like they say which destination of the world is ideal for visiting according to the month or time of year.

Packing Tips

Pack light and according to the climate of that place. If you go to a tropical climate, you don’t need to wear a coat; if you go to a cold place, it is best to take several layers of clothes to dress as much as possible. Don’t take everything you think you will need, sometimes it is better to buy it directly in the country where it is indispensable.