Most Fun Cities

According to the 2018 Time Out rankings, Chicago, Porto, and New York are the world’s three busiest cities. Paris, the city of sex, wine and lack of sleep, was on the top of the list, but thanks to the latest events Paris is now in 14th place.

What is the most exciting city at the moment? The English magazine Time Out asked more than 15,000 readers located in 32 cities around the world, and drew a ranking of the most “hectic” cities in the world, according to various criteria, ranging from gastronomy to cultural offer, including nightlife, but also judging friendship and happiness.

Chicago is topping the charts. At the top of the 2018 Time Out City Life Index, spotted by international courier, is Chicago, for the second year in a row. The third largest city in the United States makes a difference with its cultural scene, bars, conviviality and cost of living, and its residents say they feel happy there. The VOA News Website is astonished at this record, as Chicago ” symbolizes violence and guns,” he writes. As Le Figaro reminds us, the city of Illinois recorded a dismal record in 2016: the number of homicides exploded there, with 762 murders.

Find love in Oporto, go out in New York. On the second march of the palmarès is Porto, a first for the Portuguese city. The Portions particularly emphasize the fact that it is easy to meet in this city famous for its eponymous wine. So this is the place where we have the best chance of finding love or failing to make friends, concludes Time Out. Finally, New York, nicknamed the “city that never sleeps”, completes this Top 3 with its unrivaled nightlife, although it is “one of the most stressful cities in the world”.

The rest of the ranking are mainly American cities, European capitals and popular Asian tourist spots. No cities in Africa or South America are listed.

Here are the Top 15 most exciting cities of the moment according to Time Out :

  1. Chicago (USA)
  2. Porto (Portugal)
  3. New York (United States)
  4. Melbourne (Australia
  5. London (England)
  6. Madrid (Spain)
  7. Manchester (England)
  8. Lisbon (Portugal)
  9. Philadelphia (USA)
  10. Barcelona (Spain)
  11. Edinburgh (Scotland)
  12. Tel-Aviv (Israel)
  13. Austin (United States)
  14. Paris (France)
  15. Mexico City (Mexico)

Each city in the palmarès is equipped with its characteristics, according to an infographic of Time Out elaborated from the classification. Thus, Paris, which is in 14th place, is judged as the city where one has “the most sexual intercourse than any other” in the world, and the Parisians are in fact “those who lack the most sleep”. Melbourne, ranked 4th, would be the city of happiness since 92% of people say they like to live there. Bangkok is described as “the world capital of street food”.