I’ve been to many places and always tried to take only the best memories with me. I want to share with you my experiences related to trips to various parts of the world including Las Vegas and Taiwan. Over the course of the last decade, I’ve been trying to see as much as possible and play against skilled poker players all over the globe. Now, I can tell you about what I’ve seen!

I gathered a lot of funny travel stories and anecdotes while visiting different places. The last year was quite different for me in terms of entertainment, I found myself struggling to get excited about anything. Even playing poker wasn’t really interesting. I’m not an outgoing person. I do not like just walking around and sightseeing. I’m organized and like to go on tours with guides who know where to go. I think such experiences are the best!

I spend spare time by playing various casino games. Playing poker is too long of an endeavor when you are waiting got the bus. I either watch others play, go to try a couple of slot games, or play in a mobile casino. My favorite game that I like to play is craps. It’s fun and easy, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to play one round. Navigate here to see if craps is the right choice for you.

The Most Fun and Exciting Countries I Visited

One of my best experiences was in China. It is one of the best countries for those who want to know more about the world around them. It is a glorious cacophony of sounds, smells, and images. You will be thrown into a world of contrasts where your sensory system will be overwhelmed by the variety of experiences. It does not apply to every single part of China. Most of rural areas are strikingly different and serene.

I also like Malaysia. I’m an avid poker player and I fell in love with Niu Niu, a game that has similar rules to poker. In Malaysia, you usually have to register in an online casino and get a casino bonus. Only then, you can start playing Niu Niu against other players. Besides Niu Nio, roulette is also very popular in Malaysia and can be found in every casino. Of course I had to try it after I learnt the casino roulette rules which are very simple. I recommend these two games to anyone who likes to try their luck in the small number of Malaysian casinos that are legal there. Gambling is prohibited in Malaysia outside of specific areas.

Many great experiences and funny travel stories I brought from Italy. One of the finest European countries in terms of historic monuments and culture. I also love people from Italy. Many of them are easy-going simple men and women who love drinking wine, eating pasta, and strolling on the streets in the evening.

Top Cities for a Good Time!

One of the best experiences that brought me many funny travel stories is my trip to Las Vegas. It is truly the Sin City! You spend nights drinking and partying, you go to different restaurants, you see cool casino shows and play casino games! There are so many gambling choices when in Vegas, your head will spin-off. Have you met with the Vegas Sports term? This online sportsbook site will give you the real feel of sports betting and reward you for each bonus you claim. Join them today; thank me later. If you want to party like never before in your life, visiting Las Vegas is a great idea. Obviously, I visited a bunch of casinos.

One of my funny travel stories about the city is that I won a small jackpot in the best casino in Las Vegas. Well, the best at least for me! I played roulette, blackjack, and poker with real money. I lost even when playing poker. However, I managed to win while playing slot games! It was quite a weird experience!

Some experiences are hard to describe in words. I’ve been to Hong Kong where the chattering and noise do not stop ever. You feel like a part of a huge beehive. Crowds are dense. Everyone is talking all the time. When the night comes, the city keeps living and generating noise. Honking taxis and chattering people are moving around and create perpetual movement throughout the city even at nights.

Another great way to live through some experiences is visiting Paris. The city strongly associated with culture and artistry. It is the favorite city of Hemingway who loved it and wrote about it many times. I’ve been to the capital of France several times and each time was surprised by the how cool it feels to be there! Loved every single minute.

I think that one thing that we all need while traveling is access to the internet. If I can get a decent internet in a city, I will probably love it. I had experiences when I couldn’t get a decent speed and was really bored. I usually register in a local online casino to get a casino bonus and spend it on free slot games.

My Next Trip Destination

I’m planning to visit Macau next month. They are planning to host a WPT 500 event (World Poker Tour), and I want to use up my casino in a certain online casino operating in Macau. Playing poker, eating in fancy restaurants, and watching fire shows — it will be glorious! Hopefully, I will have some new experiences to share and funny travel stories to tell when I get back from the poker tournament!

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